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Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & Seminars

The CD/NLA Show Education Committee has been hard at work to prepare an unparalleled education experience. With session topics ranging from dynamic pricing to sales to buses, operators of all shapes and sizes will walk away with valuable knowledge and resources to implement into their businesses. With special sessions by Bill Faeth and Limo University, new and small operators will also find content geared toward their needs.

Sunday, February 23
11:30am to 12:30pm | Oceanside B
How to Make a Remote Workforce Work for You

Using remote employees is a trend that many startups are following, but how can it work for an established transportation business like yours? This session will explore the pros and cons of incorporating a remote workforce into your team, how other operators are doing it, what it takes to incorporate this model in your business, and what having remote workers is really all about.

Speaker: Andy Hernandez of CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation and Dave Uziel of UrbanBCN
Moderator: Robyn Goldenberg of Strategy Leaders

11:30am to 1:30pm (Part 1) and 1:45pm to 3:45pm (Part 2) | Lagoon EFKL
Limo U Boot Camp (Parts 1 and 2)

These sessions—a combined four hours of in-depth, step-by-step training—are designed to take your business to the next level in 2020 … and beyond. Bill Faeth, Tami Saccoccio, and Kelly Alderete will discuss how to prepare, win, and profit from an affiliate business as well as ways to gain the best educational value on building an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Speakers: Bill Faeth of Limo University, Kelly Alderete of Premier Transportation of Dallas, and Tami Saccoccio of Commonwealth Worldwide

12:45pm to 2:00pm | Oceanside B
Safety First: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Top Priority

Safety is more than just following state and federal regulations or keeping your facility up to code. This session will explore ways that you can create programs that can withstand scrutiny and help you win more business. From bulletproof hiring practices to encouraging seatbelt use, we’ll provide easy action items for every area of your operation to improve your safety and profitability.

Speakers: Barry Gross of The Driver Provider and Scott Woodruff of Majestic Limo & Coach
Moderator: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide
Additional content provided by Chris Przybylski of Limo & Bus Compliance

2:15pm to 3:45pm | Oceanside B
Embracing Dynamic & Advanced Dynamic Pricing Models for the 21st Century

How do the hotel, airline, and car rental industries decide on their ever-changing rates? Could this pricing model actually work for our industry? This will be a scintillating panel discussion about understanding the unique characteristics of demand for your company’s services, taking advantage of that knowledge to maximize profits, and duplicating some of the industry’s best pricing tactics.

Speakers: Sami Elotmani of Destination MCO, Tracy Raimer of Windy City Limousine & Bus, and Joe Tidwell of MGM Resorts
Moderator: Andy Hernandez of CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation
4:00pm to 5:30pm | Oceanside B
Commit to Selling! Are You Growing Business in Your Own Backyard?

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands every month on marketing, one place the vast majority of operators big and small overlook is how to grow sales right now with what they have. Increase sales every week for a few hundred, instead of many thousands. You will walk away from this workshop with tangible strategies and actionable items from an operator who grew a company from $0 to $5M within five years.

Speaker: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

Monday, February 24
8:30am to 9:45am | Oceanside B
Bus & Motorcoach Session: FMCSA Updates

Buses and other larger vehicles continue to be a strategic way to tap into different revenue streams, but they also come with heavy regulation. Danielle Smith of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will provide insights and the latest updates on policy and procedures on numerous topics that pertain to your business and the safe operation of those regulated vehicles.

Speaker: Danielle Smith of the FMCSA

10:00am to 11:15am | Oceanside B
International Session: Panel & Open Discussion

The reach of your operation may have traversed the globe, but doing business with worldwide partners isn’t without its challenges. Our panel of speakers from all corners of the map will address a variety of common operational and cultural differences as well as areas of opportunity for any operation regardless of their location and best practices that the industry can share.

Speakers: Mike Bell of Driven Worldwide, Colin Devine of Devine’s Worldwide Chauffeur Services, Aditya Loomba of ECO Limos India, and Patrick Pierron of EQSL Global

Tuesday, February 25
8:30am - 10:15am | Lagoon EF
Limo U Session — Marketing Truths: How to Not Get Screwed By Your SEO and Ads Manager

Do you actually know if the people managing your SEO or paid advertising are genuinely providing value? Are they making an impact or just wasting money? Marketing is just one of many important ways you connect with new and repeat customers, so it’s critical to make sure you’re not throwing away your budget dollars. Take a deep dive with Bill Faeth as he educates you on the unknown problems to help you drive great ROI.

Speakers: Bill Faeth of Limo University

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9:00am - 10:30am | Oceanside B
Finding the Right Balance of Profitability vs. Scale

Did you just land a huge client but now that means additional costs that you weren’t expecting? Revenue is only one metric of success, and often has little to do with profitability or cash in your pocket. Of course you want to grow, but doing so too rapidly comes with its own problems, while steady and controlled growth can be king. This session will explore how to properly scale your business, ensuring profitability at every step of the way.

Speakers: TJ Doyle of Gold Shield Transportation and Andi Gray of Strategy Leaders
Moderator: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide

10:30am - 11:45am | Oceanside B
Roundtable Session: Finding and Creating Champion Chauffeurs

It’s an issue that practically every operator faces at some point: How can you hire and keep the best chauffeurs? This roundtable session will give you the chance to learn tips and tricks from fellow operators on attracting, employing, and retaining the right driving team for your company. Engage with your peers and share your own successes on the topic during this open discussion about all the key points of chauffeur management.

Moderators: Douglas Schwartz of Executive Ground Transportation and Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide

Wednesday, February 26
9:00am to 10:30am | Oceanside B
It Could Be YOU! Developing a Proactive Crisis Management Strategy

Is your company prepared for when your team, place of business, or equipment are involved in a catastrophic incident? All employees and stakeholders must understand their roles and think quickly on their feet during a crisis or things may spiral out of control very quickly. Learn from insurance and public relations experts as well as an operator who has first-hand experience on how to prepare your company and staff for any potential crisis.

Speakers: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance, Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation, and David Harrison of EVINS Communications

10:45am to 12:00pm | Oceanside B
Successful Leadership Starts at the Top, But Resonates Throughout

Are you ready to lead? Leadership is the foundation to the structure of any organization. Your company’s growth and success are directly correlated to your ability to provide direction, support, and management to various departments and employees. Learn from Las Vegas Metropolitan Deputy Police Chief Andrew Walsh how to communicate goals and expectations to everyone on the team and how effective leadership can trickle down and enhance every part of your business.

Speakers: Deputy Chief Andrew Walsh of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department



• 5:00pm to 5:30pm … How to Build an Everlasting Brand by Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments

• 6:00pm to 6:30pm … Before You Hire Another Chauffeur…Do This! by Bruce Heinrich of PAX Training


• 2:00pm to 2:30pm … Training Motorcoach Drivers: Common Mistakes, Preventable Accidents & Avoidable Incidents by James Blain of PAX Training

• 2:45pm to 3:15pm … What Qualified Buyers Look for When Buying Companies by Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

• 3:30pm to 4:30pm … FLA Meeting


• 12:30pm to 1:00pm … International Business: How to Manage Risk & Insurance by Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance

• 1:30pm to 2:00pm … The Dangers of Owner Dependency by Bruno Teixeira of Limousine Expert

Andy Hernandez, President
CTA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation • ctalimo.com
Andy Hernandez began his career at the age of 16 by washing the small fleet owned by his family. Currently president of CTA Worldwide, his background affords him an insight to the industry from the perspective of large companies and the trials and tribulations of small two or three car shops. He is also a member of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
David Uziel, Owner
UrbanBCN Worldwide • urbanbcn.com
Dave Uziel is the owner of UrbanBCN Worldwide, a family-run luxury ground transportation company based in the San Francisco Bay-area. A former law enforcement professional, Uziel has embraced technology and innovation to drive world-class client experiences from the local regional level to a worldwide global scale, while treating staff and clients as if they were family.
Robyn Goldenberg, Director of Operations and Marketing
Strategy Leaders • strategyleaders.com
Robyn Goldenberg is the director of operations and marketing for Strategy Leaders where she oversees financial functions and operational daily activities, as well as manages the flow of client communications, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and vendor relationships. Goldenberg also organizes and facilitates Strategy Leaders’ ground transportation benchmarking group’s quarterly meetings and serves on the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Bill Faeth, Founder
Limo University • limogrowth.com
Bill Faeth is a nationally recognized expert on business growth and development, entrepreneurship, and marketing in the transportation industry. He is the facilitator of the NLA’s No Operator Left Behind, which helps small and midsize companies take their operations to the next level. He works with countless operators nationwide and draws on his experience as a former limousine and motorcoach operator.
Kelly Alderete, Director of Special Projects/Affiliate Relations Director
Premier Transportation • premierofdallas.com
Kelly Alderete is the director of special projects/affiliate relations director for Premier Transportation in Dallas, Texas. Currently, she handles all affiliate pay and sourcing functions and assists the other directors with accounting, sales, processes and cost saving exercises. As a former owner-operator, she is able to offer a unique perspective of the ground transportation industry.
Tami Saccoccio, Director of Operations and Global Affiliate Relations
Commonwealth Worldwide • commonwealthlimo.com
Tami Saccoccio plays an integral role in overall day-to-day operations for the Commonwealth Worldwide. Her extensive managerial experience enables her to develop strong relationships and implement best practices and protocol with our worldwide affiliate network. Prior to joining Commonwealth, Saccoccio worked in the corporate travel industry for 13 years as a team leader.
Barry Gross, Executive Director
The Driver Provider • driverprovider.com
An 18-year veteran of the chauffeured transportation industry, Barry Gross currently serves as executive director of The Driver Provider. He is a current member of the Bus Industry Safety Council, and an experienced political advocate for industry causes, routinely engaging on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the National Limousine Association, American Bus Association, and the United Motorcoach Association.
Scott Woodruff, President & Co-owner
Majestic Limo & Coach • majesticlimo.com
Scott Woodruff founded Majestic two decades ago, which has grown into a distinct brand in Des Moines that is strengthened by the tenured team members that take great pride in the service they provide. In addition to Majestic, Woodruff is also a part-time police officer for his local force. Woodruff is also a member of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Jason Sharenow, President & Co-owner
Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services & Coach • broadway-elite.com
Jason Sharenow began his industry career as a part-time chauffeur. In 1998, he founded Broadway Limousine and merged with Elite Limousine a decade later to form Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services. Since then, he has helped the company grow into a fleet of more than 100 vehicles including motorcoaches. Sharenow also serves as president of the Limousine Association of New Jersey and co-chairs the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Chris Przybylski, Co-founder
Limo & Bus Compliance • dotbuscompliance.com
Chris Przybylski is the co-founder of Limo & Bus Compliance and National Fleet Insurance. In addition to developing industry leading compliance software, Przybylski and his company have overseen more than 150 state and federal compliance audits for limousine and bus companies across more than 30 states and regularly consult on operations and training programs
Sami Elotmani, Owner
Destination MCO • destinationmco.com
Sami Elotmani began his ground transportation career as a part-time Destination MCO. After spending a couple of years in corporate America, Elotmani rejoined Destination MCO as an operations manager in 2008 and has since helped manage the company’s exponential growth for nearly a decade as well as its recent expansion into the Tampa Bay market. He is also a member of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Tracy Raimer, Executive Vice President
Windy City Limousine & Bus • windycitylimos.com
Windy City Limousine & Bus Executive Vice President Tracy Raimer is the current president of the Illinois Limousine Association. She was also recently elected to the board of directors for National Limousine Association, representing the central region. Raimer has served on the editorial board of Illinois Meetings & Events and is co-chair of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Joe Tidwell, Director of Revenue
MGM Resorts & Bus • mandalaybay.mgmresorts.com
Joe Tidwell is the director of revenue for two popular Las Vegas properties, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and Delano, where he optimizes revenue for 4,300 rooms nightly. He has a Master’s degree in hospitality administration and 10 years of experience in revenue management.
Ken Lucci, Industry Consultant & Author
Driving Your Income • kenlucci.com
Ken Lucci currently serves as an industry consultant, using the wide-ranging professional experience he gained as founder and president of Ambassador Limousine. Since “retiring” in 2013, he’s consulted with a variety of firms using a hands-on approach that prioritizes proactive front-line support. Lucci is also the author of Driving Your Income and is a frequent contributor to Chauffeur Driven.
Danielle Smith, Transportation Specialist, Passenger Carrier Division
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration • fmcsa.dot.gov
Danielle Smith joined the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 1990 as a Motor Carrier Safety Specialist, performing compliance investigations and roadside vehicle inspections. In her current role in the Commercial Passenger Carrier Safety Division, Office of Enforcement and Compliance in Washington, D.C., her focus is the passenger industry’s best practices and safety compliance programs.
Mike Bell, CEO
Driven Worldwide • drivenworldwide.com
Mike Bell oversees the strategic direction of Driven on a global basis and manages the business development team and company directors. Bell has worked across multiple ground transport sectors for more than 20 years, including as a sales and marketing director at NCP and a sales director at Hertz Lease. Additionally, he established and ran his own leasing brokerage.
Colin Devine, CEO
Devine's Worldwide Chauffeur Services • devincescs.com
Colin Devine leads a team of more than 60 at Devine’s, a company founded by his father in 1978. An accomplished world traveler, Devine completed executive learning programs at Chicago Booth and Stanford, but says his family continues to be one of his biggest influences. He is passionate about great service and building a culture of excellence. He also serves on the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Colin Devine, CEO
Devine's Worldwide Chauffeur Services • devincescs.com
Colin Devine leads a team of more than 60 at Devine’s, a company founded by his father in 1978. An accomplished world traveler, Devine completed executive learning programs at Chicago Booth and Stanford, but says his family continues to be one of his biggest influences. He is passionate about great service and building a culture of excellence. He also serves on the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Aditya Loomba, CEO
ECO Limos India (Asia) • ecorentacar.com
Aditya Loomba is the owner of ECO Limos India & Asia. With a fleet of 550 vehicles, the company serves over 90 cities in 18 countries across India, Asia, Middle East and Africa. He is 4 times recipient of the National Tourism Award from The President of India in 2015, 16, 17 and 18 as the best ground transportation company.
Patrick Pierron, President
EQSL Global • eqsl.com
Patrick Pierron launched EQSL Global in 1997. First exposed to the industry after chauffeuring for three days in 1989, he later developed an interest in opening a transportation service after four different types of businesses. From the very beginning, the company has served countries and cities worldwide with a staff of multilingual and experienced chauffeurs.
TJ Doyle, VP of Operations
Gold Shield Transportation • goldshieldcars.com
TJ Doyle is the vice president of operations for Gold Shield Transportation. With offices in Lexington, Ky., Indianapolis, Ind., and Cincinnati, Ohio, Gold Shield current operates a 110-vehicle fleet, including 24 motorcoaches. Doyle is a retired police lieutenant with a business portfolio that includes real estate, valet parking companies, barbershops and of course transportation companies.
Andi Gray, Founder
Strategy Leaders • strategyleaders.com
Andi Gray founded Strategy Leaders in 1995 to help owners of established, privately held businesses achieve growth, profit, stability, predictability, and peace of mind. Using proprietary systems, Strategy Leaders puts clients on track to double revenue and triple profit in repetitive 5-6 year cycles. Gray has earned recognition for business leadership, including Working Women of Westchester and two Westchester County Association APEX Awards.
Douglas Schwartz, Founder
Executive Ground Transportation • executivelimousine.org
Douglas Schwartz has been in the limousine industry since 1996 after 20 years in the restaurant sector. His business, Executive Ground Transportation, is located on Long Island and currently employs 60 team members. He is also vice president of the NLA, president of the Long Island Transportation Association, and a member of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Douglas Schwartz, Founder
Executive Ground Transportation • executivelimousine.org
Douglas Schwartz has been in the limousine industry since 1996 after 20 years in the restaurant sector. His business, Executive Ground Transportation, is located on Long Island and currently employs 60 team members. He is also vice president of the NLA, president of the Long Island Transportation Association, and a member of the CD/NLA Education Committee.
Bob Crescenzo, VP of Safety & Loss Control
Lancer Insurance • lancerinsurance.com
Bob Crescenzo is responsible for coordinating Lancer’s safety engineering and loss control programs, marketing, and seminar preparation for commercial auto customers in the motorcoach, limousine, truck, and van industries. He founded Lancer Compliance Services in 1988, a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing service. Crescenzo has conducted training for various transportation associations, and is a contributing writer for Chauffeur Driven.
Jeff Greene, Founder and President
Green Worldwide Transportation • greeneworldwidetransportation.com
Jeff Greene is the founder and president of Greene Worldwide Transportation in Atlanta, Ga. He is a former Atlanta police officer assigned to the elite helicopter unit when he started his limousine company in 1988. Greene is a founding member and current president of the Greater Atlanta Limousine Association and currently serves as a Director of the National Limousine Association.
David Harrison, Senior VP
EVINS Communications • evins.com
David Harrison is a senior vice president at EVINS and directs the agency’s digital communications & content integration practice. He combines expertise in traditional marketing, branding, and communications with a focus on digital incorporation and optimization, creating successful 360-degree campaigns for clients in lifestyle, wine and spirits, hospitality, and entertainment industries.
Andrew Walsh, Deputy Chief
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department • lvmpd.com
A New York native, Andrew Walsh is deputy chief with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Currently assigned to the Tourist Safety Division, which oversees the protection and safety of more than 40 million visitors annually. Walsh is a member of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police and the Police Executive Research Forum.
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